Born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, California, I, Michael Franklin, refer to myself as organically raised with no pesticides or chemicals! LOL!!!!! I was born and raised during a time of upheaval. Some of the notable and historical events such as the Watts Riots, and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are still very vivid, and even personal, for me. Out of these, and other infamous events, has come my personal mission. A mission to uplift and inspire a pandemic-ridden world.

My DNA requires me to encourage, to uplift, to comfort, and to challenge others by any means necessary. It’s who I am. It’s what my life is about. It’s the work that I do. I am the father of a precious daughter, and I also work with kids. My work and my focus is not only to inspire her and others, but to also, from a very practical position, seek to live what I teach.

I teach that, most of the time, listening to our lives is more important than listening to others. I teach that my inner personal circle is by intention, small, but my outer, social circle is much larger, and it can encompass almost anyone. I seek to live authentically. I seek to live my truths.

Truths that are lived must be shared! By leveraging a platform such as this blog, I am able to share some of my life’s truths, and at the same time dialog with those whose views I yearn to hear. Growth demands that we lend our ears to others, even those with whom we sometimes disagree.

Here’s some last thoughts folks: we’re living in an era of fast computers, fast cell phones and even fast food. That was not the pace at which I was raised. My upbringing emphasized that you had better learn how to cook, sew, and even count (without a calculator) or your gluteus maximus would starve or walk around looking like you needed help all the time.

This generation here, i.e. the current times and people in them, want what they want, when they want it, and that’s damn near always right NOW! Well, thanks in large part to the available technology, and the savvy mf’s (michael franklins) who know how to leverage and expand its use, we can give you what you want, and inspire you at the same time! We can provide what you want when you want it, and uplift you at the same time!

And the bottomline is that you can receive it right now as you order anything today! Thanks for doing so and thank you so much for visiting InnerCityMonk. Blessings!

Michael Franklin/InnerCityMonk

“Education should be the process of helping everyone discover their own uniqueness…”- Dr. Leo Buscaglia